DID Technology (Decentralized Identifier)

The DID-based electronic technologies that underlie PROD connected user data aim to empower individuals using a variety of technologies, from text messaging to high-tech, to provide person-centered care while enabling people to stay connected to service providers such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and e-commerce.


MyData infrastructure requires authentication services. When an individual sends data to a service, the service organization needs to be able to verify that the data is authentic. Technology can provide a solution to prove the authenticity of the data.


PRODAO’s self-developed DID technology is called “Self-Sovereign Identities”, which is used for various services by individuals with proof of identity on their terminals, and is used by cryptographically proving PKI-based “public key” and “private key”. This is a cryptographically verifiable technology that does not require a centralized registrar such as a CA, and is registered in a distributed repository such as a blockchain, which makes it dramatically more convenient and secure for individuals to remember complex details.


The expert channel “Holder” receives an electronic ID card from “Issuer” and supports Verifier in shopping malls, SNS, companies/institutions, Internet virtual spaces, etc. without exposing personal information.

In compliance with PRODAO’s W3C standard, the public key is recorded in the DID Document and registered on the blockchain.


PRODAO is researching “Zero-Knowledge Proof” to prove that you have the information without disclosing the information you have, and we will continue to develop proof technology to fill in the areas that are currently lacking in technical maturity.



Users of PRODAO can trust the system and do not need to establish and maintain trust with counterparties (others) or third-party intermediaries. This is made possible by the DID technology of Verifiable Credentials (Credential Metadata, Claim(s), Proof(s)) structure and Verifiable Presentation (Presentation Metadata, Verifiable Credential(s), Proof(s)) of identification documents to be submitted to institutions.